XPop and Spell

Test your spelling skills with Becca's Bunch! Create the words you see in the pictures to pop the balloons!

Becca's Bunch: Pop and Spell

In this clip from the series Peppa Pig, the class learn how to play a recorder, but can't help making some horrible noises instead!

Peppa Pig: Recorders
XLion Blaze Colouring Page

Hear Blaze roar! Blaze shows his wild side as he transforms into a magnificent lion! Choose some colours to match the majestic animal using the Nick Jr. Colour Tool.

Age: 2- 4

Blaze: Lion Blaze Colouring Page
XGrandma Nana's Banana Bread

In this clip from the series Butterbean's Café, Grandma Nana comes to visit the café, as the girls attempt to make her famous banana bread!

Butterbean's Café: Grandma Nana's Banana Bread

In this clip from the series Becca's Bunch, Becca finds the biggest nut in Wagtail Woods for Russell's birthday present!

Becca's Bunch: Coconuts
XPAW Patrol Quiz!

Watch these clips from the series PAW Patrol very carefully, then test your knowledge and answer the questions!

PAW Patrol Quiz!
XPups Save a Swamp Creature

In this clip from the series PAW Patrol, the pups save a giant catfish from a shrinking swamp!

PAW Patrol: Pups Save a Swamp Creature
XButterfly Biscuits Instructions

Make these yummy butterfly biscuits from the series Butterbean's Café using this printout!

Age: 2-4

Butterbean's Café: Butterfly Biscuits Instructions
XCat Fever

Lampo is feeling poorly so needs to visit the doctor in this clip from the series 44 Cats!

44 Cats: Cat Fever
XPenny Rescues the Aqua Wing

In this clip from the series Top Wing, Rocco and Chomps have swapped subs with Penny! Watch this clip to see Penny get the Aqua Wing back!

Top Wing: Penny Rescues the Aqua Wing
XHide and Seek

Have you got a good eye and quick reflexes? Try and spot Becca and her friends in this game from the series Becca's Bunch!

Becca's Bunch: Hide and Seek