XButterbean's Café Quiz!

Watch these clips from the series Butterbean's Café very carefully, then test your knowledge and answer the questions!

Butterbean's Café Quiz!
XThe Lucky Cat

In this clip from the series 44 Cats, Neko thinks his luck has run out when he loses all his lucky charms! Will he be able to get them back?

44 Cats: Neko, the Lucky Cat
XLion Blaze Colouring Page

Hear Blaze roar! Blaze shows his wild side as he transforms into a magnificent lion! Choose some colours to match the majestic animal using the Nick Jr. Colour Tool.

Age: 2- 4

Blaze: Lion Blaze Colouring Page
XSurprise Cake!

Cricket wants to surprise Poppy by making her a cake! Will she be able to make it before Poppy finds out? Find out in this clip from the series Butterbean's Café.

Butterbean's Café: Surprise Cake!
XTrinket's Lost Voice

In this clip from the series Nella the Princess Knight, Trinket loses her voice! Will she find a way to get it back?

Nella the Princess Knight: Trinket's Lost Voice
XAbby Hatcher: Flip and Match

Test your memory skills with Abby Hatcher and her Fuzzly friends! Flip the cards and match the word to the correct sound!

Abby Hatcher: Flip and Match
XPups Save a Mascot

In this clip from PAW Patrol, the team have to think quick and try to save a mascot dressed up as a bird when he gets taken away by real birds!

PAW Patrol: Pups Save a Mascot
XButterfly Biscuits Instructions

Make these yummy butterfly biscuits from the series Butterbean's Café using this printout!

Age: 2-4

Butterbean's Café: Butterfly Biscuits Instructions
XRusty's Runaway Sub

In this clip from Rusty Rivets, Liam and his friend Emily start playing in Rusty's sub. Emily turns on the power and they end up underwater! How will Rusty save them?

Rusty Rivets: Rusty's Runaway Sub
XAwesome Blossom

When a Dandydragon plant is planted, a dragon is released! Find out how Nella comes up with a plan to lead the dragon away, in this clip from the series Nella the Princess Knight.

Nella the Princess Knight: Awesome Blossom
XFriends to the Rescue!

In this free online game about friendship, teamwork and rescue, join the rescue birds of Top Wing as they adventure to earn their wings!

Top Wing: Friends to the Rescue!