XRockin’ The Wood

Becca, Russell, Sylvia, and Pedro sure know how to rock. Check out this music video from Becca's Bunch!

Becca's Bunch: Rockin’ The Wood
XPenny's Polar Bear Rescue

Team Top Wing must find a family of polar bears when a heatwave melts the ice! Find out what happens in this clip from the series, Top Wing.

Top Wing: Penny's Polar Bear Rescue
XNella Find Quiz

Can you find Nella and friends? Watch each video carefully then try and spot each character - see if you can get five out of five!

Nella the Princess Knight: Nella Find Quiz
XTrinket Cupcakes!

Make these amazing Trinket cupcakes that are sure to impress everybody in your kingdom! You'll find the recipe on our Party page.

Nella: Trinket Cupcakes
XMake Rusty Rivets' Goggles!

If you want to get the proper Rusty Rivets look you'll need his goggles! Print out this template and 'how-to' guide, then watch the video on the Party page.

Age: 2-4

Rusty Rivets: Printable Goggles Printable Template and How To Guide
XYou Got Family

Enjoy this funky Big Block Sing Song all about family and the special things you do together!

Big Block Sing Song: You Got Family
XRod's Bearly Brave Save

In this clip from the series, Top Wing, the crew find a baby bear that has awoken from hibernation. Can they get her back to Big Bear Cave?

Top Wing: Rod's Bearly Brave Save

The PAW Patrol is learning the ancient art of Pup-Fu and need you to help them master their moves to earn the legendary gold belt. Let’s pup to it!

Age: 3-6

PAW Patrol: Pup-fu!
XRusty's Dancing Suit

In this clip from the series, Rusty Rivets, Rusty and Ruby try to help Mr Higgins learn some dance moves, but the suit they invent gets a little out of control!

Rusty Rivets: Rusty's Dancing Suit
XDoodle Colouring Page

Use our exciting range of colour tools to doodle on Doodle, Sunny's devoted dog, from the series Sunny Day!

Age: 2-4

Sunny Day: Doodle Colouring Page
XRace Through Danger Canyon

When Battie flies much too fast through Danger Canyon, Swift has to come to the rescue! Watch how he earns his wings in this clip from the series, Top Wing.

Top Wing: Race Through Danger Canyon
XMake Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Toast!

Make a magic carpet perfect for genie duo, Shimmer and Shine, out of toast! Watch the video on the Party page then print this 'how-to' guide and tuck in.

Age: 2-4

XRace for the Golden Treasure

Blaze and AJ team up with Pegwheel the Pirate to find three keys and unlock a treasure chest! But will they manage to defeat Captain Bighorn? Find out in this clip from the series Blaze and the Monster Machines.