XRhonda Colouring Page

Colour in Rhonda from the series Top Wing. She owns The Lemon Shack on Big Swirl Island, why not draw use the yellow pen tool to draw some lemons?

Top Wing: Rhonda Colouring Page
XColour In: Marshall

Marshall is fired up! Print out the 'Marshall Jumping' colouring page and colour along with this video. No printer? No problem! Colour along using the Nick Jr. Colour Tool found at nickjr.co.uk/colour - Ruff-Ruff Rescue!

Colour In: Marshall
XInsider Job

In this clip from the series Kiva Can Do Kiva and Saul shrink down to a tiny size, so they can fly inside Angus and find out what's making a rattling sound!

Kiva Can Do: Insider Job
XNick Jr. Food Truck Festival!

Welcome to the Nick Jr. Food Truck Festival! Where you can help Shimmer and Shine, the PAW Patrol, Team Umizoomi, and the Bubble Guppies serve up fun, healthy, and tasty treats for all their Nick Jr. friends. Ready? Let’s get cooking!

Age: 3-6

Nick Jr. Food Truck Festival!
XSir Blaine's Quest for Badges

In this clip from the series Nella the Knight Princess, Sir Blaine is desperate to earn more badges from Sir Coach but it's Nella's bravery that earns her a badge when she has to clean up Sir Blaine's mess!

Nella: Sir Blaine's Quest for Badges
XMarshall Jumping Colouring Page

Marshall is jumping for joy! Choose some colours and textures to suit his mood using the Nick Jr. Colour Tool.

Age: 2- 4

Paw Patrol: Marshall Jumping Colouring Page
XPups Save Puplantis Part 1

Sid the Pirate is back with his shipmate Arrby, see what they get up to in this special clip from the series PAW Patrol. Look out for the merpups!

PAW Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis Part 1
XRusty's Plant Predicament

Smelly plants are taking over Sparkton Hills! Rusty and Ruby need some help to get rid of them in this clip from the series Rusty Rivets.

Rusty Rivets: Rusty's Plant Predicament
XPicture PAWfect Dress Up

It's Adventure Bay Picture Day and Katie needs the PAW Patrol’s help at her pet parlour. Help Skye and Everest get their friends looking pup-tacular for their pictures in this PAWsome dress-up game!

Age: 3-6

PAW Patrol: Picture PAWfect Dress Up
XCute Lil' Bug

In this clip from the series Becca's Bunch, Ringo gives Becca his pet Lil' Sue to look after over the weekend, the Bunch soon learn that Sue won't stay so lil' forever!

Becca's Bunch: Cute Lil' Bug
XPrintable Certificate

Become an honorary member of Becca's Bunch with the help of this printable certificate. Adventure's calling!

Becca's Bunch: Printable Certificate
XEye of the Beholder

In this clip from the series Becca's Bunch, Becca is worried that her beautiful painting isn't big enough to show her love for Wagtail Woods, but she learns that bigger doesn't mean better!