XMake Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Toast!

Make a magic carpet perfect for genie duo, Shimmer and Shine, out of toast! Watch the video on the Party page then print this 'how-to' guide and tuck in.

Age: 2-4

Shimmer and Shine: Magic Carpet Toast Printable How To Guide
XMail Mayhem

In this clip from the series Becca's Bunch, Sylvia accidentally knocks a letter out of MJ's bag so the Bunch decide to deliver it themselves, which is proving difficult on a super windy day!

Becca's Bunch: Mail Mayhem
XBest Friends: Zeta and Nazboo

Although Zeta is a scheming sorceress, she is always nice to her best friend Nazboo, watch this clip to see the duo in action!

Nick Jr. Best Friends: Zeta and Nazboo
XNella Find Quiz

Can you find Nella and friends? Watch each video carefully then try and spot each character - see if you can get five out of five!

Nella the Princess Knight: Nella Find Quiz
XBecca Collage!

Watch this clip to see how you can create a collage of Becca from Becca's Bunch. Why not experiment with trying to create the other members of the Bunch from paper? You can find printable instructions on the Party page.

Becca's Bunch: Becca Collage
XMake a Blaze Race Flag!

Make your own special Blaze race flag with this printable template activity! Watch the video on the Party page.

Age: 2-4

Blaze: Printable Race Flag Template and How To Guide
XBeddy, Set, Go!

Jasper and Casper race Becca's team to the finish line in their go-karts, but who will win? Find out in this clip from the series Becca's Bunch.

Becca's Bunch: Beddy, Set, Go!
XIndependence Day

In this clip from the series ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks, the chipmunks discover that living without Dave is harder than they thought.

Alvin: Independence Day

The PAW Patrol is learning the ancient art of Pup-Fu and need you to help them master their moves to earn the legendary gold belt. Let’s pup to it!

Age: 3-6

PAW Patrol: Pup-fu!
XThe Great Flash Wing Rescue

The Cadets rescue Cheep, Chirp and Swift's Flash-Wing, when Baddy McBat takes the jet with the chicks inside, in this clip from the series Top Wing.

Top Wing: The Great Flash Wing Rescue
XMake Rusty Rivets Lightning Bolt Biscuits!

Print and follow this guide to make your own Rusty Rivets lightning bolt biscuits! The video on the Party page shows just how it can be done.

Age: 2-4

Rusty Rivets: Biscuit Printable How To Guide