XWhere are you going Cleany?

When Cleany overcharges himself from the faulty electronic recharge station, he becomes too energetic, so it is up to the team to save him in this clip from the series Robocar POLI.

XNursery Rhymes: Humpty Dumpty

Play along, sing along and discover surprises when you explore this game based on the classic Nursery Rhyme, Humpty Dumpty. Can you spot Ben and Holly from Little Kingdom?

Age: 3-7

XTheme Song

Sing along to the Dora and Friends theme song!

XMarshall Halloween Colouring Page

Colour in this picture of Marshall in his Halloween costume.

Age: 2-7

XPups Save a Blimp

In this clip from the series PAW Patrol, Cap'n Turbot's weather blimp is stolen by Mayor Humdinger...it's up to the Pups to rescue it!