In this clip from the series Digby Dragon. Digby and his friends celebrate AppleCrossMass but can Grizel get into the festive spirit?

Digby Dragon: AppleCrossMass
XPrintable Elf Shoe

Print off and follow the instructions to create your own Little Kingdom Elf Shoe. Remember to ask a grown up for help if using scissors!

Age: 3-6

Little Kingdom: Printable Elf Shoe
XMerry Christmas Mr Grumpfish

The Bubble Guppies try and cheer up Mr Grumpfish in time for Christmas in this clip from the series. But is it possible?

Bubble Guppies: Merry Christmas Mr Grumpfish
XBen & Holly's Christmas Poster

Print off Ben and Holly's Christmas Poster. You can even draw yourself in the scene with them.

Age: 3-6

Little Kingdom: Ben & Holly's Christmas Poster
XThe Letter S!

It's the letter 'S'! In this special Alphabet Video, explore all of the different words that begin with the letter 'S'. Join Peppa and George as they 'Scoot' down a hill, and watch Zuma and Ryder feed a 'Sea Slug'.

Alphabet Videos: The Letter S!