XBest Friends: Digby and Chips

Chips is always by Digby's side, they are the best of friends! Take a look at this amazin' clip that highlights their best bits from the series Digby Dragon.

Nick Jr. Best Friends: Digby and Chips
XDragon Leap

Bounce around Applecross Wood with Digby Dragon in this game based on the series. Unlock your favourite characters and collect special items by leaping as high as you can!

Digby Dragon: Dragon Leap
XTheme Song Sing Along

Sing along to the Digby Dragon theme song, in this clip from the magical series.

Digby Dragon: Theme Song Sing Along
XDigby Dragon Colouring Page

Colour in Digby, the magical dragon from the series, Digby Dragon. Use the paintbrush tool to give your creation a truly artistic finish!

Age: 2-4

Digby Dragon: Digby Dragon Colouring Page
XStar Wishes

In this magical clip from the series Digby Dragon, a wishing star falls from the sky and lands on Mungo, who wishes for Digby and his friends to be able to fly!

Digby Dragon: Star Wishes
XApplecross Games

In this clip from the series Digby Dragon, the residents of Applecross Woods are competing in games against eachother, look out to see who's cheating!

Digby Dragon: Applecross Games
XGrumpy's Great Invention

In this clip from the series Digby Dragon, Grumpy invents a new pair of legs for the goblin inventors fair and quite literally runs into trouble when he meets Fizzy and one of her magic mishaps!