XTheme Song

Enjoy the theme song from the series Digby Dragon!

XThe Letter P!

In this special video, explore all of the different words that begin with the letter P! The PAW Patrol 'pups' are out for an adventure, plus Blaze and the Monster Machines have a lot of 'presents'!

XWalking in a Sleepy Slumberland

When their stuff keeps going missing, Digby and the gang have trouble staying up all night to catch the thief. Watch this clip from the series, Digby Dragon, to see if they find out what's going on!

XSuperfast Dragon

Digby builds Chips a 'Superfast Dragon Coaster', but it's not quite as fast as Chips would like. Can Grumpy save the day? Find out in this clip from the series, Digby Dragon.

XThe Letter M!

It's the letter 'M'! In this special Alphabet Video see Digby Dragon lose his 'Map', PAW Patrol's 'Marshall' and Tala the cute 'Monkey' from the series, Shimmer and Shine!

XHome Sweet Home

In this clip from the series, Digby Dragon, when their home becomes too cold, Grizel and Mungo scare Fizzy out of hers! Will Digby and Fizzy find her somewhere warm to stay?

Digby Dragon Videos