XThe Letter K!

It's the letter 'K'! Watch this special video to see the Catastrophe 'Kittens' in PAW Patrol, Blaze turning into a 'Kite' in Blaze and the Monster Machines, and a 'Kayak' in Dora and Friends.

Alphabet Videos: The Letter K!
XMeet Emma!

In this special Dora and Friends video, meet Emma, Dora's musically talented friend who can always be found wherever the music is!

Dora and Friends: Meet Emma
XPablo Colouring Page

Colour in Pablo from Dora and Friends! Use the paintbrush tool to give your creation a truly artistic finish!

Age: 2-4

Pablo Colouring Page
XMeet Dora!

In this special video based on the series, Dora and Friends, meet the leader of the gang, Dora! Learn all about the magical adventures that she shares with friends, Pablo, Alana, Emma, Naiya and Kate.

Dora and Friends: Meet Dora
XAbout the Show

Learn all about the series, Dora and Friends, in this special video! Find out what kind of exciting adventures she encounters in the city.

Dora and Friends: About the Show
XThe Letter D!

In this special clip explore different words that begin with the letter 'D' - look out for some of your favourite Nick Jr. characters such as Digby Dragon and Dora!

Alphabet Videos: The Letter D!
XThe Bridge to Caballee

In this clip from the series, Dora and Friends, the gang ride their horses across an ancient rainbow bridge which gives the horses magical powers! How will Dora and her friends use these new found powers?