XThe Letter U!

In this video, explore all of the different words that begin with the letter U! Join Shimmer and Shine 'Underwater' with their mermaid friends, and see Peppa Pig and her family protect themselves from the rain with an 'Umbrella'.

Alphabet Videos: The Letter U!
XMeet Kate!

In this special video from the series, Dora and Friends, meet Kate! She loves art, performing and all things creative.

Dora and Friends: Meet Kate!
XDora and Friends Charm Bracelet Challenge

The charms from Dora's bracelet have gone missing! Help Dora's friends complete their tasks and receive a charm from each of them, so Dora can complete her magic bracelet.

Dora and Friends Charm Bracelet Challenge
XThe Letter R!

What does a 'Queen', a 'Question' and a 'Quack' have in common? They all begin with the letter 'Q'! Watch this alphabet video featuring some of your favourite characters from Peppa Pig, Dora and Friends and Zack and Quack.

Alphabet Videos: The Letter Q!
XHalloween Treat Bag Transfer

Make your own Dora and Friends trick-or-treat bags by printing the transfer onto iron-on paper and ironing onto a pillow case or canvas bag.

Age: 2-4

Dora and Friends: Halloween Treat Bag Tansfer
XMeet Pablo!

In this special Dora and Friends video, meet Pablo! Dora's energetic sport loving friend. Although he loves clowning around telling jokes, he's always there to help out his friends.

Dora and Friends: Meet Pablo!
XMeet Alana!

In this special Dora and Friends video, meet Alana! She is Dora's super sporty friend who coaches the local soccer team and loves helping out at her animal adoption centre.

Dora and Friends: Meet Alana!
XDora and Friends Dora's Wonderful Wardrobe

Help Dora pick the perfect outfit and decide if she's going to the city, park or the beach. Take a picture and save all the outfits you've made.

Age: 3-6

Dora and Friends Dora's Wonderful Wardrobe
XMeet Naiya

In this special Dora and Friends video, meet Naiya, Dora's super smart, garden loving friend! She's very proud of her family's history and culture which are very helpful on all their adventures.

Dora and Friends: Meet Naiya
XHalloween Colouring Page

Colour in this spooky Dora and Friends Halloween picture, then save, print or send to your friends.

Age: 2-5

Dora and Friends: Halloween Colouring Page
XThe Letter K!

It's the letter 'K'! Watch this special video to see the Catastrophe 'Kittens' in PAW Patrol, Blaze turning into a 'Kite' in Blaze and the Monster Machines, and a 'Kayak' in Dora and Friends.

Alphabet Videos: The Letter K!
XMeet Emma!

In this special Dora and Friends video, meet Emma, Dora's musically talented friend who can always be found wherever the music is!

Dora and Friends: Meet Emma
XThe Bridge to Caballee

In this clip from the series, Dora and Friends, the gang ride their horses across an ancient rainbow bridge which gives the horses magical powers! How will Dora and her friends use these new found powers?