XDora Theme Song Mashup

Sing along to the Dora theme tune and hear what it sounds like in different languages!

XDora Fairytale Fiesta

Once upon a time Boots and Dora were invited to a fairytale fiesta at a castle. But there was an anti-party witch who put a spell on the castle!

Age: 2-4

XFriendship Day

Dora and Boots sing about Friendship Day in this musical video from the series, Dora the Explorer. Why don't you join in!

XHalloween Colouring Pack

Print out and colour in these spooky Dora Halloween pictures!

Age: 2-5

XSchool Science Fair

Help Dora get her volcano project to the school in time for the school's science fair!

XDora's Travels in Troll Land

Dora's Travels in Troll Land