XPrintable Christmas Card

Print off this Dora the Explorer christmas card, and send it to your family and friends!

Age: 2-4

XDora the Snow Princess

Help Dora save the snow princess by collecting all the snow flakes and be careful to avoid the nasty witch!

Age: 4-6

XDora Christmas Colouring Pack

Print off this Dora Christmas Colouring Pack and colour it in!

Age: 2-4

XDora's Candyland

Help Dora get to the Fiesta, through Candyland

Age: 4-6

XDora and Boots Christmas

Colour in Dora and Boots making Christmas decorations.

Age: 2-5

XSwiper the Explorer

Swiper's robot butterfly got loose and made other robot butterflies and caterpillars that are stealing toys at three locations. Find the remote controls to turn them off!

Age: 2-4