XEaster Bunny

In this clip from the series Peppa Pig, the children are at Rebecca Rabbit's house for an Easter egg hunt! They're determined to find the Easter Bunny, as well as chocolate eggs!

Peppa Pig: Easter Bunny
XBen and Holly's Chicken Chase

Ben and Holly must chase the runaway chicken whilst collecting all the lost healthy food in this game based on the series, Little Kingdom!

Age: 2-4

Little Kingdom: Chicken Chase
XChirp and Cheep Colouring Page

Colour in Chirp and Cheep from the series Top Wing. They are twin baby chicks and the only way to tell them apart is by the colour of the feathers on top of their heads. What colours will you use for them?

Age: 2-5

Top Wing: Chirp and Cheep Colouring Page
XEaster Egg Sing Along

Sing, and rap, along with Dora and the Hip Hop Bunny in this Easter egg sing along from the series Dora the Explorer.

Dora: Easter Egg Sing Along
XMiss Rabbit Colouring Page

Colour in Miss Rabbit from the series Peppa Pig, using our wide range of colour tools. Hop to it!

Age: 2-4

Peppa Pig: Miss Rabbit Colouring Page