XWerewolf Hairwolf

The gang need to come up with a creative solution to a hairy problem in this monstrous clip from the series, Fresh Beat Band of Spies!

XMeet Shout!

Athletic and energetic, Shout is a natural leader and a busy one at that! Find out all about him in this Fresh Beat Band of Spies video.

XMeet Marina!

Get to know the Fresh Beat Band of Spies drummer, Marina! Marina is great fun, and as well as being a band member she also works in a bakery, ensuring she delivers both fresh beats, and fresh treats!

XMeet Kiki!

In this special Fresh Beats Band of Spies video, meet Kiki! The gang's super stylist, she is an eternal optimist who is great at giving her fellow spies disguises!

XThe Letter W!

In this video, explore all of the different words that begin with the letter 'W'! Watch as Shimmer and Shine's Leah makes a 'Wish' for Nazboo and Bo Monkey blows a 'Whistle' in a game of baseball with the Fresh Beats!

XMeet Twist!

Meet the Fresh Beat Band of Spies DJ, Twist! He is the goofiest member of the crew and is very accident prone. But this doesn't stop him from being an awesome spy, with the help of his bestie Bo Monkey and their banana gadgets.

Fresh Beat Band of Spies Videos