XThe Haunted House

Happy Halloween!! In this clip from the series Ryan's Mystery Playdate, find out what happens when Ryan has to find his way through the "Haunted House of Hideous Horrors that's Haunted!"

Ryan's Mystery Playdate: The Haunted House
XHalloween! Pop and Spell

Trick or Treat yourself to this very spooky and special Pop and Spell! Can you recognise the Nick Jr. characters in fancy-dress and spell their names?

Halloween! Pop and Spell
XHalloween Bunting

Print off this Nella the Princess Knight bunting to make sure your Halloween celebration is fit for a Princess Knight. Have a Royal Halloween!

Age: 2-4

Nella: Halloween Bunting
XThe Spooky Search for the Oogla Boogla

In this clip from the series Blue's Clues & You, Blue and Josh go on a search through Boo's haunted mansion to try and find the Oogla Boogla!

Blue's Clues & You: The Spooky Search for the Oogla Boogla
XHalloween Hide and Seek!

Keep your eye out for some of your favourite characters from Nick Jr. shows that are hiding in this spooky halloween scene!

Nick Jr.: Halloween Hide and Seek!
XPups Save the Trick or Treaters

In this clip from the series PAW Patrol, the children all go trick or treating but someone in a massive spider costume is taking all the sweets! Can the pups find out who it is?

Nick Jr. Halloween Hub