XMonster in the Dark

Digby and his friends encounter a smoke breathing monster in Applecross Wood in this scary clip from the series, Digby Dragon!

Digby Dragon: Monster in the Dark

Sing along with another Big Block Sing Song! What would it be like to spend your life upside down?

Big Block Sing Song: Bat
XRusty's Spooky Adventure

Rusty, Ruby and Liam go on a spooky adventure where they need to act fast to catch the ghosts, in this clip from the series Rusty Rivets.

Rusty Rivets: Rusty's Spooky Adventure
XThe Letter H!

Learn all about words that begin with the letter 'H'! With the help of characters from the series PAW Patrol, Shimmer and Shine and Puffin Rock!

Alphabet Videos: The Letter H!
XGenie Halloweenie Song

The genies celebrate Halloween with their human friend Leah in this clip from Shimmer and Shine.

Shimmer and Shine: Genie Halloweenie Song

The genies use their magic to summon Frankenstein on Halloween night in this clip from the series, Shimmer and Shine!

Shimmer and Shine: Frankenstein
XPups and the Ghost Cabin

In this clip from the series PAW Patrol, the pups head to a ghost cabin.

PAW Patrol: Pups and the Ghost Cabin
XPumpkin Competition!

Peppa's school gets into the Halloween spirit when they hold a pumpkin competition! Find out who comes out on top in this clip from the series, Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig: Pumpkin Competition
XSnow Monster!

A snow monster is on the loose in this clip from the series, PAW Patrol. Can the pups solve the mystery and get the snowboarders back on the slopes again?

PAW Patrol: Snow Monster
XCrafty Halloween - PAW Patrol Treat Jar

In this short video, learn how to make your own PAW Patrol Treat Jar for Halloween!

Crafty Halloween: PAW Patrol Treat Jar
XCrafty Halloween - Peppa Pig Bunting

Watch this short video and get into the Halloween spirit, by learning how to make your own Peppa Pig Bunting!

Crafty Halloween: Peppa Pig Bunting

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