XThe Lost Necklace

In this clip from the series Dora and Friends, Pablo discovers an old necklace on the beach that takes him back in time along with Dora and Naiya, they come across a queen and even a wizard!

Dora and Friends: The Lost Necklace
XThe Halloween Hippogriff

Nella hosts a Halloween party and tells her friends a spooky story about a creature that only appears on Halloween night, will the Halloween Hippogriff make an appearance? Find out in this clip from the series, Nella the Princess Knight!

Nella: The Halloween Hippogriff
XPumpkin Competition!

Peppa's school gets into the Halloween spirit when they hold a pumpkin competition! Find out who comes out on top in this clip from the series, Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig: Pumpkin Competition
XMrs Witch

Ben and Holly meet Mrs Witch with Nanny Plum in this clip from the series, Little Kingdom.

Little Kingdom: Mrs Witch
XCrafty Halloween - Peppa Pig Bunting

Watch this short video and get into the Halloween spirit, by learning how to make your own Peppa Pig Bunting!

Crafty Halloween: Peppa Pig Bunting
XCrafty Halloween - PAW Patrol Treat Jar

In this short video, learn how to make your own PAW Patrol Treat Jar for Halloween!

Crafty Halloween: PAW Patrol Treat Jar
XWerewolf Hairwolf

The gang need to come up with a creative solution to a hairy problem in this monstrous clip from the series, Fresh Beat Band of Spies!

Fresh Beat Band of Spies: Werewolf Hairwolf
XHaunted House Party

Welcome to the Monster Motel in this Halloween themed clip from the series, Bubble Guppies!

Bubble Guppies: Haunted House Party
XTrick or Treat song

Enjoy this fruit themed Halloween 'Trick or Treat' song from the series, Dora the Explorer!

Dora the Explorer: Trick or Treat song
XTaking Halloween Away

In this clip from the series, Dora and friends go to a halloween party - but the witch steals it away.

Dora and Friends: Taking Halloween Away
XCrafty Halloween - Wallykazam! Magic Stick

In this spooky crafty video, find out how to make your very own magic stick like Wally from the series, Wallykazam!

Crafty Halloween: Wallykazam! Magic Stick

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