Background Art
XHumf makes food

Watch a video clip to watch Humf and friends make pretend food for Humf's parents and Crispy Cakehead

XWhere's Humf?

Do you want to play hide and seek with Humf? Cover your eyes, count to ten and then see if you can find him.

Age: 2-3

XHumf's friend has an accident

Watch a video clip to watch Wallace fall as he plays a game in the supermarket with Humf

XHumf birthday card

Send your friend a Humf birthday card

Age: 1-4

XHumf plays in the snow

Humf plays in the snow with his parents

XFlora babysits Humf

Watch a video clip to watch Flora make Humf a peanut butter sandwich as she babysits him

XPlaytime with Humf

Help Humf find his toys in the cupboard but be careful there are some things Humf isn't allowed to play with!

Age: 2-3

XHumf and friends

Colour in Humf with his friends Wallace and Loon

Age: 2-4

XHumf's Garden

Plant a beautiful selection of flowers with Humf and watch the rain help them grow!

Age: 2-3

XHumf Christmas Colouring Page

Show off your festive flare with this Humf Christmas colouring page!

Age: 2-4


Colour in Humf

Age: 2-4