XWoolly Jumpers

In this clip from the Nick Jr. series, Lily's Driftwood Bay, Lily and Bull must come up with a way of winning the sheep race without Lightning the Sheep!

XThe Letter R!

It's the letter 'R'! In this Alphabet Video explore all of the different words that begin with the letter 'R', from the character Wee 'Rabbit' in Lily's Driftwood Bay, to Peppa Pig and her family experiencing a lot of 'rain'.

XHaddock Haul

In this clip from the series Lily's Driftwood Bay, Lily takes part in the Haddock Haul, but both teams can't decide who is the winner.

XNick Jr. Valentine's Day

Celebrate the friendship of Valentine's Day with this special video featuring some of your favourite Nick Jr. series, including PAW Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, Little Charmers, Lily's Driftwood Bay and Zack and Quack!

XMeet Lily

Meet Lily from the series, Lily's Driftwood Bay. Lily loves going exploring with her friends, learning new things and going on exciting adventures around the island, which she always shares with her dad at the end of the day.

XAbout the Show

In this special video, head to a friendly seaside island and find out all about Lily's Driftwood Bay! It's a series full of fun, excitement and wonder.

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