XMeet Salty

Meet Salty Dog from the series, Lily's Driftwood Bay. He’s always looking out for Lily and will do whatever he can to help her – and can always be counted on for a sea shanty!

XChristmas Crashed

In this festive clip from the series Lily's Driftwood Bay, Lily and her friends meet Santa! With the help of Lord Stag and Bull, they get him back on track to deliver presents around the world!

XLily's Driftwood Bay Stag's Plans

Lily tries to plan the day's activities.

XLily's Driftwood Bay Silly Seals

Lily meets some silly seals.

XLily's Driftwood Bay The Thief

Things are going missing on driftwood bay.

XLily's Driftwood Bay Old Bertha

Lily and her friends try to paint Salty's boat.

Lily's Driftwood Bay Videos