XMeet Wise Old Elf

In this special video, meet the Wise Old Elf. who is almost as old as anyone can remember! He has more jobs in the kingdom than you can imagine but is never impressed by magic – it always leads to trouble!

XLittle Kingdom Happy Hamster

Keep Pippin the hamster happy by casting the correct spell to give him food, water, a toy and a bed.

Age: 2-4

XMeet Gaston

In this special clip, get to know Gaston – Ben and Holly’s special friend, who loves digging holes and playing fetch!

XBen & Holly's Reindeer

Print off and follow the instructions to create your own Little Kingdom paper cup reindeer. Remember to ask a grown up for help if using scissors!

Age: 3-6

XMeet Ben and Holly

In this special video find out all about Ben Elf and Princess Holly - best friends who do everything together in the series, Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.


Ben and Holly consult the Wise Old Elf and his Elf Weather Detector to see if it's going to snow, in this clip from the series, Little Kingdom.