XThe Elf Windmill

In this clip from the series, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, Nanny Plum casts a spell to speed up the wind however she accidentally conjures up a storm that causes havoc with the elves windmill!

Little Kingdom: The Elf Windmill
XQueen Thistle's Day Off

In this clip from the series, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, King Thistle is left in charge of looking after Daisy and Poppy. However he doesn't quite realize what a handful the twins can be!

Little Kingdom: Queen Thistle's Day Off
XNursery Rhymes: Humpty Dumpty

Play along, sing along and discover surprises when you explore this game based on the classic Nursery Rhyme, Humpty Dumpty. Can you spot Ben and Holly from Little Kingdom?

Age: 3-7

Nursery Rhymes: Humpty Dumpty
XThe Letter J!

Learn all about the words begin with the letter 'J' in this special video! Featuring the characters from the series, PAW Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines and Peppa Pig.

Alphabet Videos: The Letter J!
XHolly's Christmas Stocking

Colour in Holly in a Christmas Stocking from the Nick Jr. series Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.

Age: 2-6

Little Kingdom: Holly's Christmas Stocking
XThe Royal Golf Course

King Thistle's game of golf is ruined when a mole covers the course in hills! Nanny Plum comes to the rescue, but will her solution save the day? Find out in the clip from the series, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.

Little Kingdom: The Royal Golf Course
XKing Thistle's New Clothes

Can Nanny Plum rescue the laundry nightmare she has caused with the King's new clothes? Watch this clip from the series, Little Kingdom to find out!

Little Kingdom: King Thistle's New Clothes
XBen and Holly's Chicken Chase

Ben and Holly must chase the runaway chicken whilst collecting all the lost healthy food in this game based on the series, Little Kingdom!

Age: 2-4

Little Kingdom: Chicken Chase
XGaston's Birthday

Special delivery! Ben and Holly deliver invitations to Gaston's birthday party...but King Thistle thinks all the fuss is for him, in this clip from the series, Little Kingdom.

Little Kingdom: Gaston's Birthday
XBen & Holly's Reindeer

Print off and follow the instructions to create your own Little Kingdom paper cup reindeer. Remember to ask a grown up for help if using scissors!

Age: 3-6

Little Kingdom: Ben & Holly's Reindeer
XThe Letter E!

Learn all about the letter 'E' with some of your favourite characters such as Ben and Holly, PAW Patrol and Robocar POLI!

Alphabet Videos: The Letter E!
XThe Letter C!

How many words begin with the letter 'C'? Watch this special alphabet video featuring characters from your favourite shows including Shimmer and Shine, PAW Patrol and Digby Dragon!

Alphabet Videos: The Letter C!