XTheme Tune

Sing along to the Corn & Peg theme song, where doing good feels good!

Corn & Peg: Theme Tune
XNella Music Maker

Join Nella and her friends as they play their instruments. Join in by collecting gems and making lots of cool tunes!

Nella: Music Maker
XTheme Song

Sing along to the Abby Hatcher theme song, with Abby and her Fuzzly friends!

Abby Hatcher: Theme Song
XParty Music Maker

Boogie with your favourite Nick Jr. characters using this party music maker!

Music Maker: Party
XRap and Clap Sing Along

Sing along with Becca's Bunch as they sing 'Rap and Clap' to Benny and Shelly, in this special clip from the series Becca's Bunch!

Becca's Bunch: Rap and Clap Sing Along

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