XGenie Sing Along

Boom Zahramay, ay, ay, ay! Sing along with Shimmer and Shine as they ride on their magic carpet with Tala and Nahal.

Shimmer and Shine: Genie Sing Along
XDora's Music Maker

Traditional instruments make music that makes Dora want to dance. Help create the sounds in this fun game based on the series, Dora the Explorer!

Age: 2-4

Dora: Dora's Music Maker
XTheme Song Sing Along

Nella the Princess Knight has the best theme tune! You can sing along with this musical video and learn the words.

Nella: Theme Song Sing Along
XDora Rocks! Sing-Along Party

In this game based on the series, Dora the Explorer, help Dora and Swiper collect the presents in the sky, but avoid the clouds!

Age: 3-6

Dora: Dora Rocks! Sing-Along Party
XTheme Song Sing Along

Learn the words to Shimmer and Shine's impossibly catchy theme song with this sing along video!

Shimmer and Shine: Theme Song Sing Along
XEnergy Song Sing Along

Ready for action! Learn all about energy with this Blaze sing along music video.

Blaze: Energy Song Sing Along
XCostume Sing Along

Kate, Dora and Pablo sing a song as they play dress up! Join in with this sing along video from the series, Dora and Friends, as they become pirates, royals and explorers.

Dora and Friends: Costume Sing Along
XTheme Song Sing Along

PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol, we'll be there on the double! Sing along with your favourtie pups to the PAW Patrol theme song. PAWsome!

PAW Patrol: Theme Song Sing Along
XRainbow Zahramay Sing Along

Sing along with your favourite genies to the Rainbow Zahramay song, from the series Shimmer and Shine.

Shimmer and Shine: Rainbow Zahramay Sing Along
XFriendship Song Sing Along

Amigo, amis! Sing along with your favourite pups to the friendship song, in this musical clip from the series PAW Patrol.

PAW Patrol: Friendship Song Sing Along
XEaster Egg Sing Along

Sing, and rap, along with Dora and the Hip Hop Bunny in this Easter egg sing along from the series Dora the Explorer.

Dora: Easter Egg Sing Along

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