XNursery Rhymes Humpty Dumpty

In this special clip enjoy the classic nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty, featuring a special appearance from Little Kingdom's Ben and Holly.

Nursery Rhymes: Humpty Dumpty
XTheme Tune

The theme tune to the series, ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks is impossibly catchy! Enjoy it as many times as you like with this musical video.

ALVINNN!!!: Theme Tune
XPeppa Pig: Wiggly Worm Song

Sing Along to this song from the series, Peppa Pig!

Peppa Pig: Wiggly Worm Song
XJingle Bells

There are plenty of Christmas surprises hiding in this Christmas video from the Nursery Rhyme series! Turn the fairy lights on and off, open the presents and don't miss Blaze's special transformation.

Nursery Rhymes: Jingle Bells
XCowboy Song Sing Along

Baked bang, baked beans boo! Join in with Pedro Pony's Cowboy Song with this sing along video from the series, Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig: Cowboy Song Sing Along
XWallykazam! Picnic Time Song

Sing Along with Wally's Picnic Time song! There's a lot to do for Gina's surprise - will Wally and Norville get everything ready in time? Find out in this clip from Wallykazam!

XThe Fish in the Bowl Sing Along

The fish in the bowl swims round and round! Peppa Pig makes up a song to the tune of 'Wheels on the Bus'. You can join in with this sing along video from the series.

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