XPeppa Pig Jubilee hat

Print out this Peppa Pig Jubilee themed hat to wear druing the Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Age: 2-4

Peppa Pig Jubilee hat
XPups Save Jake's Cake

In this clip from the series PAW Patrol, the pups make a cake pulling pup train to get Jake's cake to his party in time!

PAW Patrol: Pups Save Jake's Cake
XValentine's Day Treat Box

Celebrate Valentine's Day with this unique PAW patrol treat box that is transportable and decorated with all your favourite members of the PAW patrol gang with a seasonal twist! A fun way to store all your Valentine treats!

Age: 2-4

PAW Patrol: Valentine's Day Treat Box
XA Gift for Cleany

It's Cleany's birthday and nobody knows what to get him as a present! Eventually they realise that spending time with his friends would be the perfect present, in this clip from the series Robocar POLI.

Robocar POLI: A Gift for Cleany
XPAW Patrol Valentine's Cards

Print off and cut along the dotted lines to create PAW Patrol Valentine's cards. When using scissors remember to ask a grown up for help.

Age: 2-4

PAW Patrol Valentine's Cards
XParty Island

In this clip from the series Kiva Can Do! Saul and Kiva travel to party island in a hot air balloon!

Kiva Can Do: Party Island
XPrintable Doggie Bag Labels

Creating doggie bags for your friends post-party? Print and stick on these PAW Patrol labels, and add each friend's name!

Age: 2-4

PAW Patrol: Printable Doggie Bag Labels
XThe Flutter Blunder

In this clip from the series Nella the Princess Knight, it's Clod's birthday party, but Flutter the messenger has sent out the wrong messages!

Nella: The Flutter Blunder
XPrintable Party Hats

These PAW Patrol themed party hats are a great addition to any celebrations! Simply print and follow the instructions for all your guests.

Age: 2-4

PAW Patrol: Printable Party Hats

Watch as the big blocks floats through space and even makes a big block alien friend, in this space themed Big Block Sing Song!

Big Block Sing Song: Space
XPrintable Party Cup Wrappers

Personalise your party's paper cups with PAW Patrol. You can dd each guest's name too!

Age: 2-4

PAW Patrol: Printable Party Cup Wrappers