XAll-Star Pups: Muddy Paws

Mayor Goodway needs your help! The Kitten Catastrophe Crew have covered City hall with their muddy paw prints. Catch these feline felons and clean up after them.

PAW Patrol: All-Star Pups: Muddy Paws
XAll-Star Pups: Food Drop

In this PAW Patrol game, help Skye and Everest drop food for the animals and guide them back home. Be careful not to hit the giant snow balls!

PAW Patrol: All-Star Pups: Food Drop
XSearch Mission

Help Ryder and the PAW Patrol pups find different items in this hidden object game.

Paw Patrol: Search Mission
XCorn Roast Catastrophe!

No job is too big and no pup is too small for this paw-sitively popping pursuit. Help the PAW Patrol save Farmer Al’s Corn Roast and rescue Chickaletta!

Age: 4-6

PAW Patrol: Corn Roast Catastrophe!
XBalloon Drop

Match up the PAW Patrol pups with their badges. Drag the correct badge onto the right pup. PAWsome!

Paw Patrol: Balloon Drop
XPattern Pups

Watch which pup flashes on and then copy the pattern. The more you get right the longer the pattern gets!

Age: 3-7

Paw Patrol Pattern Pups

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