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XPups Bear-ly Save Danny

From the series, Paw Patrol, Daring Danny gets stuck in a tree surrounded by bears, so the Paw Patrol come to his rescue.

XPups Save the Robosaurus

In this clip watch Chase try to stop the runaway robosaurus from causing havoc! Can the Paw Patrol gang work together to hold back the giant robot dinosaur?

XPups Save the Film Festival

In this clip from the series, Paw Patrol, the pups have to take action when Daring Danny takes his film stunt to dangerous heights.

XPups on Ice

The pups need to save a little boy from a snowy ski slope, in this clip from the series PAW Patrol!

XSnowboard Race

The pups are having a snowboarding race! Who will come out on top in this clip from the series, PAW Patrol.

XSnow Monster

A snow monster is on the loose in this clip from the series, PAW Patrol. Can the pups solve the mystery and get the snowboarders back on the slopes again?

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