XUnlucky Ladders

Marshall has never had the best of luck with his ladder; see how many times it lets him down in this special video based on the series PAW Patrol!

XPups Save the Chilli Cook-off

The pups get to work when a broken cooker and a sneezing chef threaten Mayor Goodway's chances of winning the chilli cook-off, in this clip from the series PAW Patrol.

X1,2,3 Colour! Chase, Skye, and Marshall

The PAW Patrol pups come to life in 1,2,3 Colour! Chase, Skye, and Marshall. Why not follow along with this video and try to draw them too?

XPups Save a Blimp

In this clip from the series PAW Patrol, Cap'n Turbot's weather blimp is stolen by Mayor Humdinger...it's up to the Pups to rescue it!

XMeet Chase

Meet Chase, the leader of the PAW Patrol Gang! He wears blue and is a super sporty police pup, learn all about him and his gadgets in this special clip!

XMeet Marshall!

In this special video meet Marshall, the clumsy yet always helpful member of the PAW Patrol gang!

PAW Patrol Videos