XAstronaut Peppa Colouring Page

Peppa, from the series Peppa Pig, is about to go on a journey into space! Help get her ready by colouring in her space suit and helmet!

Age: 2-4

Peppa Pig: Astronaut Peppa Colouring Page
XMummy Pig Dot to Dot

Connect the dots and find out what Mummy Pig is up to in this special activity for Mother's Day based on the series, Peppa Pig.

Age: 2-4

Peppa Pig: Mummy Pig Dot to Dot
XChristmas Letter Colouring Page

Colour in Peppa Pig with her Christmas Letter. Use the tools available to add some sparkle!

Age: 2-5

Peppa Pig: Christmas Letter Colouring Page
XPeppa and George Winter Scene Colouring Page

Add your own winter sparkle to this colouring page featuring Peppa, George and their snowman, based on the series, Peppa Pig!

Age: 2-5

Peppa Pig: Peppa and George Winter Scene Colouring Page
XPrintable Dinosaur Hunt Sheet

Print out this Peppa Pig sheet if you'd like to go on a super fun outdoor adventure! It'll give you all the instructions you need for a dinosaur hunt! Maybe you could pretend that George is with you too?

Peppa Pig: Printable Dinosaur Hunt Sheet
XPrintable Make Your Own Den Sheet

Print this instruction sheet from Peppa Pig to make your own den, you can even make a cool sign to go with it so that everyone knows that it's yours!

Peppa Pig: Printable Make Your Own Den Sheet
XPrintable 5 a day Chart

Print out this sheet for your very own Peppa Pig 5 a day chart! Simply tick a box every time you eat a fruit or vegetable.

Peppa Pig: Printable 5 a day Chart
XPrintable Paper Plane Activity

Print out these sheets for instructions and a template of how to make your very own Peppa paper plane!

Peppa Pig: Printable Paper Plane Activity
XPrintable Colour Learning Sheet

Print out this Peppa Pig sheet and colour it in while learning your primary colours, if you use paint you can mix them to make more colours!

Peppa Pig: Printable Colour Learning Sheet
XPrintable Finger Puppets

Print out this Peppa Pig sheet and ask for a grown-ups help with cutting out these finger puppets of Peppa and George. You could use them to put on your very own puppet show!

Peppa Pig: Printable Finger Puppets
XPrintable Windmill Activity

Print out this Peppa Pig sheet to help you make your very own windmills, take them outside to see them whizz around in the wind!

Peppa Pig: Printable Windmill Activity
XPrintable Castle Colouring Page

Peppa is on a fun family day out. Print out and colour in this picture from the series Peppa Pig and think about a fun family day out that you've had!

Peppa Pig: Printable Castle Colouring Page

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