XThe Meteor Shower

In this clip from the series, Puffin Rock, Oona gets everyone together to watch the meteor shower. They enjoy the dazzling shooting star display.

Puffin Rock: The Meteor Shower
XPuffin Rock Oona's Adventure

Help Oona go on an adventure with her friends. Can you collect all the blueberries with Mossy, all the feathers with Baba and all the fish with Silky?

Age: 3-7

Puffin Rock Oona's Adventure
XThe Letter H!

Learn all about words that begin with the letter 'H'! With the help of characters from the series PAW Patrol, Shimmer and Shine and Puffin Rock!

Alphabet Videos: The Letter H!
XMay Colouring Page

May the rabbit lives in a burrow on Puffin Rock. She is very competitive and regularly challenges Oona to races. Enjoy this colouring page based on the series!

Age: 2-6

Puffin Rock: May Colouring Page
XThe Letter T!

In this video, explore all of the different words that begin with the letter 'T'! Watch as the PAW Patrol pups are introduced to 'Tracker' and Zeta from Shimmer and Shine wins a 'Trophy'.

Alphabet Videos: The Letter T!
XA Day Out

In this clip from the series Puffin Rock, Oona and her family go exploring on a day out! Oona shows how good she is at hopping on and off stepping stones, will Papa be as good when he has a turn?

Puffin Rock: A Day Out