XHalloween! Pop and Spell

Trick or Treat yourself to this very spooky and special Pop and Spell! Can you recognise the Nick Jr. characters in fancy-dress and spell their names?

Halloween! Pop and Spell
XWord Train

Play along with Ricky Zoom and the bike buddies! Drag the words into the blank spaces to complete a sentence using the photos to help you!

Ricky Zoom: Word Train
XFind Toot! Quiz

Watch some of your favourite clips from the series Ricky Zoom and then keep your eyes peeled and see if you can find where Toot is hiding in the pictures!

Ricky Zoom: Find Toot! Quiz
XRicky Zoom Quiz!

Watch these clips featuring Ricky and the bike buddies from the series Ricky Zoom! Then, test how much you can remember by answering the questions!

Ricky Zoom: Ricky Zoom Quiz!
XWheelford Wheelies

Now is your chance to become Ricky and ride along the race track collecting points as you go! But, watch out for obstacles along your way that will slow you down!

Ricky Zoom: Wheelford Wheelies

Ricky Zoom Games