XThe Zahracorn Salon

In this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine, find out what happens when the girls take the Zahracorns to the salon!

Shimmer & Shine: The Zahracorn Salon
XZahracorn Tickles

In this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine, Zeta searches for a super fast Zahracorn so she can win the race!

Shimmer and Shine: Zahracorn Tickles
XParty Music Maker

Boogie with your favourite Nick Jr. characters using this party music maker!

Music Maker: Party
XLongest Day Ever

Find out what happens when Leah accidentally wishes that the day would last forever, in this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine!

Shimmer and Shine: Longest Day Ever
XGenies on Clouds Colouring Page

Shimmer and Shine are floating up high in the sky! Why not add some sequins using the Nick Jr. Colour Tool to add some sparkle!

Age: 2- 4

Shimmer and Shine: Genies on Clouds Colouring Page
XZahracorns on Parade!

In this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine, Zeta and Nazboo take some stardust from Princess Adara's palace! What could possibly go wrong?

Shimmer and Shine: Zahracorns on Parade!
XDance Magic Sing-Along

Watch the dance and sing along to the song Dance Magic with this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine!

Shimmer & Shine: Dance Magic Sing-Along
XZeta Potion Power

Zeta and Nazboo are busy making powerful potions, and you can get mixed up in all the fun. First, travel with Zeta and Nazboo through their lair to find bottles, and then follow Zeta's recipes to make potions. Once the potions are complete, join Zeta for a wild ride on her scooter to find Nazboo, who was accidentally transported across Zaharamay Falls!

Age: 3-6

Shimmer and Shine: Zeta Potion Power
XThe Sky Garden

In this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine, the girls go on an adventure to the Sky Garden to find a Zummingbird!

Shimmer and Shine: The Sky Garden
XShine and Nahal Colouring Page

Shine and Nahal from the series, Shimmer and Shine, are ready to be coloured in using the Nick Jr. Colour Tool! What shade do you think would suit them most?

Age: 2- 4

Shimmer and Shine: Shine and Nahal Colouring Page
XThe Dragon Rider

In this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine, a Dragon Rider teaches Shimmer, Shine and Leah how to ride dragons!

Shimmer and Shine: The Dragon Rider
XThe Painting Gem

Shimmer, Shine and Leah have found a magic paintbrush that brings paintings to life! Join them as they try to stop Zeta from getting her hands on it in this clip from the series Shimmer & Shine.

Shimmer & Shine: The Painting Gem
XMake Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Toast!

Make a magic carpet perfect for genie duo, Shimmer and Shine, out of toast! Watch the video on the Party page then print this 'how-to' guide and tuck in.

Age: 2-4

XNazboo's Dragon Family Caper

Nazboo is collecting genie gems in Shimmer and Shine’s palace for Zeta, and he’s bringing a few helpers along including your preschooler! First, kids can steer Nazboo, Razboo, Kazboo, and Frank towards all the gems to gather as many as possible. Then, let’s help Nazboo find his family, plus Nahal and Tala, so they can bake the most delicious cookies ever. Your child can choose from sprinkles, chocolate chips, gumdrops and more to decorate their cookies and make them extra special!

Age: 3-6

XMagic Carpet Sandwich!

Make something magical to munch on, with this Shimmer and Shine magic carpet themed sandwich! Watch this video then fly over to our Party page for the recipe.