XHey Diddle Diddle

Sing along to Nick Jr.'s 'Hey Diddle Diddle' nursery rhyme, featuring Shimmer and Shine and Nahal as the cat with the fiddle!

Nursery Rhymes: Hey Diddle Diddle
XNazboo Colouring

Colour in Nazboo from Shimmer and Shine! Add sequins for some extra sparkle.

Shimmer and Shine: Nazboo Colouring
XZeta in Training

It's second chance day in Zahramay Falls, and Zeta gets a second chance at becoming a genie! See how she gets on is this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine.

Shimmer and Shine: Zeta in Training
XHow To Clay Shimmer

Boom Zahra-CLAY! Watch this clip to see how to make Shimmer from the series Shimmer and Shine, out of clay!

Shimmer and Shine: How To Clay Shimmer
XHalloween Sticker Fun

Create your own Halloween stickerbook with your favourite Nick Jr. characters.

Nick Jr: Halloween Sticker Fun
XThe Mysterious Tower

The genies decide to split up in a mysterious tower, will it be a good idea? Find out in this spooky clip from the series, Shimmer and Shine. BOO Zahramay!

Shimmer and Shine: The Mysterious Tower
XParisa Colouring Page

Colour in Parisa from Shimmer and Shine.Use the paintbrush tool to give your creation that truly artistic finish!

Shimmer and Shine: Parisa Colouring Page
XRainbow Zahramay

Shimmer, Shine and Leah visit Rainbow Zahramay to try and find the Waterfall Genie, in this colourful clip from the series, Shimmer and Shine.

Shimmer and Shine: Rainbow Zahramay
XBoom! Zahra-Mum

In this clip from the series, Shimmer and Shine, a baby bird mistakes Zeta for its mother which leads to some interesting results!

Shimmer and Shine: Boom! Zahra-Mum
XUp and Away!

Jump on a magic carpet and fly through Shimmer and Shine's world in this game based on the genie duo's series!

Shimmer and Shine: Up and Away!
XNick Jr. Monster Mash Up

Get ready for Halloween and watch this spook-tastic monster mash-up featuring PAW Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, Digby Dragon, Wallykazam and Robocar POLI!

Nick Jr. Monster Mash Up
XLeah Colouring Page

Colour in Leah from Shimmer and Shine! Show off your artistic flare with our various creative tools.

Shimmer and Shine: Genie Leah Colouring Page
XBungle in the Jungle

Zeta is up to her usual tricks in this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine. She fools the genies into thinking Princess Samira is trapped in the Temple of the Rainbow Tiger, in turn trapping them!