XAhoy Genies

Shimmer and Shine become pirates for the day when they have to help Leah locate the lost treasure.

XGone Bowling

Leah needs help with her bowling technique, Shimmer and Shine are on hand to help her learn some new bowling skills!

XDream Dollhouse

Leah's wish for more dolls backfires when Shimmer and Shine become her new mininature companions in this clip from the series Shimmer and Shine.

XThe Letter Y!

In this video, explore all of the different words that begin with the letter 'Y'! Watch as the sleepy Fresh Beats 'Yawn' and Shimmer and Shine's Leah thinks some chocolatey snacks are 'Yum'!

XSanta's Little Genies

In this clip from the series, Shimmer and Shine, the genie duo cause chaos in Santa's workshop when they accidentally send him on beach holiday!

XSleep-Over Party

Leah's music player is broken in this clip from Shimmer and Shine. The genie duo must play music - divine!