XMake Shimmer and Shine Magic Carpet Toast!

Make a magic carpet perfect for genie duo, Shimmer and Shine, out of toast! Watch the video on the Party page then print this 'how-to' guide and tuck in.

Age: 2-4

XMake Shimmer and Shine Genie Cuffs!

Genie cuffs are the ultimate accessory for any Shimmer and Shine outfit! Print out this 'how-to' guide and watch the video on the Nick Jr. Party page.

Age: 2-4

XZeta Colouring Page

Colour in Zeta from Shimmer and Shine! Use the pencil tool to give your creation that precise finishing touch!

XNazboo Colouring

Colour in Nazboo from Shimmer and Shine! Add sequins for some extra sparkle.

XParisa Colouring Page

Colour in Parisa from Shimmer and Shine.Use the paintbrush tool to give your creation that truly artistic finish!

XLeah Colouring Page

Colour in Leah from Shimmer and Shine! Show off your artistic flare with our various creative tools.

Shimmer & Shine Activities