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  • Gil: the Turbo Charged Boy

    Gil is the silly, rambunctious co-host of the show. If he sees a ball, he has to throw it; if he finds an electric guitar, he has to play it; and if there's a pig costume around, you can be sure he'll be oinking in no time. Gil's upbeat energy and insatiable curiosity is infectious, so he's great at encouraging others to join in his adventures. You can be sure he'll deliver some preschool-friendly slapstick humour along the way.

  • Molly: The Natural Leader

    This girl has star power! She's smart, she sings, and most important, she's a really good friend. Molly co-hosts the show with Gil, and due to her bubbly personality, every Guppy and land-dwelling preschooler wants to swim with her. She always makes it a point to turn to the camera and talk to the audience directly, ensuring that they stay at the centre of all the action.

  • Deema: The Drama Queen

    Deema's personality is as big as her hair. She's energetic, goofy, and loves to be the center of attention. She often speaks in an operatic voice, and loves to tell jokes and make others laugh. Deema likes to do things in an exaggerated fashion--from singing joyfully to weeping melodramatically, even in the same scene. Whether playing store or leading our audience in a dance, Deema's style is always over-the-top!

  • Nonny: Mr. Cautious

    Nonny's a brainy, cautious, and overly calm Guppy. He's more likely to comment on the action than get swept up in it, often using an advanced vocabulary for his age. Physical activities make Nonny a little unsure of himself--he'd rather define "basketball" than play it. Even so, Nonny has a persevering spirit. His willingness to keep trying, combined with encouragement from his friends, often leads him to triumph in the end

  • Oona: The Sweetie Pie

    Oona is a sweet, sincere, gentle little girl who is empathetic and aware of others' emotions. Sensitive Oona would be the most likely to show concern for a sick friend, to notice when someone is feeling down, or to give loving care to a pet or a plant. She finds limitless wonder in the world around her.

  • Goby: The Make-Believer

    Goby is a creative Guppy with a vivid, offbeat imagination. He loves putting on costumes, telling stories, and speaking in silly voices. Fortunately, Goby does not keep his imagination to himself--he uses it to invent exciting outdoor adventure stories for his friends to act out. Goby is great for bringing his friends together for some adventurous imaginative play both in the classroom and on the playground.

  • Mr. Grouper: The Teacher

    Mr. Grouper's the best preschool teacher in the world! He's friendly, funny, and full of information. He genuinely respects the Guppies' intelligence, encourages their curiosities, and nurtures their imaginations. Mr. Grouper sees every day as an opportunity for discovery. He knows how to be silly and play along with the Guppies, joining in their pretend play in the classroom and out. Mr. Grouper always ends the school day with an awesome field trip and a celebration of the episode's topic.

  • Bubble Puppy: Their Rambunctious Pet

    Bubble Puppy is a playful, boisterous little puppy with a fish tail. Though he's particularly loyal to Gil, Bubble Puppy loves to play with all the Guppies, especially if that play involves him popping a bubble.

  • Little Fish: Their Underwater Guides

    The Little Fish are a preschool Greek chorus. Easily amused and delighted, they swim to school with the Guppies and escort the home audience from segment to segment. When the show poses a question to kids watching at home, the Little Fish chime in with the answer after kids have had a chance to shout it out.

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Bubble Guppies

Jump into a watery world of learning and laughter with Bubble Guppies, a hilarious, rockin', interactive show that teaches kids about a wide range of topics--from dinosaurs to dentists, rock & roll to recycling, and colours to cowboys. Through these topics, kids learn about science, maths, literacy, and much more in this preschool musical comedy set in a vibrant, aquarium-inspired underwater classroom. Molly, Gil, and their fish-tailed classmates are just like all preschoolers--learning about the world around them through playful investigation.

Set within an eye-popping 3D CGI world of swaying kelp forests, fantastical coral reefs, and undersea gardens and featuring original pop, rock, country, and hip-hop music, the show teaches and models school-readiness skills through songs, dances, and lots of laughs. So put on your water-wings, and jump in for learning and laughs with Bubble Guppies!

Go ahead and play Bubble Guppies games, watch Bubble Guppies clips and create with Bubble Guppies.

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