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  • Dora

    Dora's growing up and still going on magical adventures! She uses her problem-solving skills to discover new things about her city, her friends and in two languages. A musician, singer, athlete, and devoted student, Dora tries to find new ways to give back to her family and community. As always, Dora is an active girl, ready for any adventure that may come her way.

  • Alana

    Athletic, confident, bilingual and a great football player, Alana is the popular kid at school but never lets it stop her from being nice to others. Alana coaches a peewee football team, loves animals and volunteers at the local animal adoption shelter. Alana also has a hidden talent: she's a gourmet chef in the making and loves to try any exotic food.

  • Emma

    Emma is the star of the school band and a great musician. She plays violin, piano, guitar and sings in two languages! She even works with the elementary band to teach them how to play like her. She works hard on her music and in her classes but her friends can always get her out on an adventure with them. Emma will go with her friends anywhere but always shines brightest on the stage!

  • Kate

    Kate loves to sing, dance, act, and grab the spotlight whenever she can! Artistic Kate is known in school for her colourful personality. She likes to read stories and trade books with Dora but she loves to make her own stories as well, writing plays for the neighbourhood kids and dressing up in costumes whenever she feels like it.

  • Naiya

    Naiya is one of the smartest girls in school and great at solving puzzles. She's a whiz at maths, science and learning new languages. She loves studying the stars in the night sky and the natural world around her. Naiya loves her city of Playa Verde and knows all about its history (and many of its secrets).

  • Pablo

    Dora's classmate Pablo is one of her best friends in the city. He's energetic, playful, smart and can solve any problem, even if it's by accident! Pablo is always on-the-go and excited to join Dora's adventures but he can get distracted easily. Still, Dora's bilingual buddy is always ready for adventure.

Dora and Friends

Dora's moved to a beautiful pan-Latino metropolis by the sea called Playa Verde, entered a diverse new school, and is busier than ever. She's also found a new group of friends - Alana, Emma, Naiya, Kate, and Pablo - with a shared passion for learning and exploring who join her on new adventures in the city.

But this is no ordinary city. Down side streets, in the park, even under the school, there are portals to magical worlds filled with surprises, obstacles and villains waiting to test our friends with curricular challenges and exciting emotional stakes.

Armed with an ancient magical charm bracelet, a trusted Map App, and the strength that comes from working with bright, funny, and loving friends, Dora invites preschoolers to join her in saving the day, solving problems, speaking Spanish, and giving back to the community.

Together, all for one!

Join in with the fun and play Dora and Friends games, colour in your favourite Dora and Friends characters and watch Dora and Friends clips all on the Dora and Friends showpage.

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