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  • Gemma

    Hi, I’m Gemma, I’m bubbly, blonde and never stop smiling! I love dancing. it’s my very favourite thing. I love Lindy Hop the best. It’s a fun style of dancing that my grandparents used to do! I really do love everybody and everything. In my world I like to think it’s always sunny. And I love making new friends. I like helping Carl with his magic tricks too! Oh! And I love looking after The Fluffalope.
    He’s sooooo cute! My birthday is 5th September.

  • Carl

    Hi, I’m Carl, I love magic! I practice all the time and I’m always trying out new tricks on the other Go!Go!Go! guys... I love making people laugh and watching funny films and TV shows. I really like wearing hats (apart from the ones my gran knits me at Christmas!) I can play the keyboard and I like to sit at the piano with the others learning new songs. We all absolutely love singing together and learning our dance moves.
    My birthday is 28th June.

  • Jade

    Hiya, I’m Jade, I’m a big fan of reading and I love getting lost in a world of imagination. I’ve got a cool computer that I always keep with me that has every book ever written in it... ummm... I think?! It’s called the J-Bolt. Most of all I just want to Sing! Sing! Sing! I listen to loads of music from my mum’s favourite bands to the sing-a-longiest new pop songs. I can sometimes be a bit of a daydreamer and I enjoy spending time on my own just as much as I enjoy spending it with the other Go!Go!Go! guys.
    My birthday is 16th February.

  • Steve

    Hey, I’m Steve, I love sports and especially Martial Arts. I’m a real 2nd dan black belt in karate but now I’ve invented my own new, ancient martial art called Ichi Oo! And I’m a second and tartan belt in that too! I also love drawing and painting, especially cartoons. I really like doing any sort of exercise and street dancing is my favourite kind. I don’t think there’s any outside activity that I don’t like. I play the guitar and I love strumming along whilst I’m singing with the others.
    My birthday is 11th June.

  • Holly

    Hello, I’m Holly, I try to keep everybody organised and I love helping people out. I really like teaching new skills to the Go!Go!Go! guys whenever I can. My friends say I’m an 'explosion' of good ideas and I have a backpack full of really useful items. I love making things, especially my own clothes and accessories! I’m particularly fond of polka dots and buttons :) And I really like trying out new recipe ideas in the kitchen too!
    My birthday is 5th November (Guy Fawkes’ Day)

  • Mr Baffled

    Hello there, I’m Mr. Baffled, I live on the islands of Baffadopolis with the other Go!Go!Go! guys and the Fluffalope, my trusty assistant! I spend my time trying to put odd things to good use and occasionally I manage to succeed! My most favourite ever creation is the Bumblebug, the cool ship that the guys use to travel around in. I’m really quite proud of that :) I’m always full of questions. It’s all the stuff that probably isn’t a problem to most people, but to me it’s completely baffling. Thankfully the Go!Go!Go! guys help me out.
    My birthday is… oh, I can’t remember!

  • Fluffalope

    Hello, I’m Fluffalope! The Go!Go!Go! guys adopted me a long time ago when they caught me in Gemma’s bedroom looking for socks. I LOVE socks… I eat nothing else and I never get full up. So, if you’ve ever left an odd sock lying around, chances are I’ll have sniffed it out and eaten it! I now live with Mr. Baffled and try to help him with his work, which is quite a tough job because I don’t think he really knows what his work is! He’s very kind though and gives me plenty of socks to eat. Yum, yum!
    My day of adoption is the soxth of Soxtober.


THE GO!GO!GO! SHOW is an all-new family pop musical experience featuring five fantastic new stars of stage, screen and pop. There are brand new pop songs, catchy, easy-to-learn dance moves, plenty of audience interaction and loads of laughs. Gemma, Carl, Jade, Steve and Holly are joined by the permanently confused Mr. Baffled and his trusty sidekick, the Fluffalope (who lives entirely on a diet of socks!).

They all live on the islands of Baffadopolis in an old lighthouse near Holiday Bay. They love exploring and they like to help to solve the problems that Mr. Baffled tells them about… or creates himself! Most of all they love singing and dancing and they have a song for pretty much any occasion, whether it’s WAKE UP SMILING in the mornings, HEY THERE SLEEPY HEAD for night time or CHOICES for lunch! You can catch them singing and dancing here on Nick Jr. and on tour around the UK later this year. Come on! What are you waiting for? READY? STEADY? GO!GO!GO!

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