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  • Humf

    Humf is a furry thing. He is short and round and purple and cuddly. At three years old, Humf is full of wonder at the world, and is always eager to explore the new things he sees around him. Doing things isn't always easy for Humf, whether he's trying to do a somersault, looking for his shadow or just run as fast as everyone else.

  • Humf's Mum and Dad

    Humf's Mum and Dad are furry things too. So far, Humf is their only little furry thing and they love him very much. Mum and Dad allow Humf a lot of space to explore and discover the world around him, but they are always there to make him feel safe when he needs reassurance.

  • Loon

    Loon is a feathery big bird thing, a bit like a dodo. She can fly, but only a little bit. Loon is Humf's best friend, along with Wallace and they often play together. Loon is never short of something to say and she certainly likes to try and explain things!

  • Wallace

    Wallace is a hairy bullish thing. He is full of energy and he is the sort of child who runs around in a circle because he has so much energy to burn. Wallace may not be able to do everything, but he usually thinks he can!

  • Uncle Hairy

    Uncle Hairy is a big kid at heart. He lives nearby and when he comes to visit he almost always brings Humf a present of some kind - often something he might like to play with himself. Uncle Hairy may be Humf’s only uncle but he is also his favourite...

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Humf is an animated pre-school series aimed at 1-4 year olds. Humf is a series about the adventures of a furry thing, called Humf, who is the model of an indefatigable pre-schooler. Humf wants to do everything, but doesn’t always find it easy. But Humf is a resilient furry thing and he is always willing to try and try again until he achieves his goal.

Humf lives at home with his mother and his father in an apartment in a big brick building. The world he lives in is familiar and his apartment is furnished in a way most children will recognise. He sleeps in a bed and plays with the same toys unfurry children play with. Humf is thoughtful and self-contained. He wonders at the new things he sees all around him and he likes to try to figure things out.

Humf knows what the questions are, even if the answers take a little longer to find. Humf is self-reliant, but he is also young and has a lot to learn. He listens to his friends and he listens to his parents. Then he thinks about what they all have to say, but in the end he usually has to find out for himself.

Go ahead and play Humf games, watch Humf videos and create with Humf.

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