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  • Lily

    Lily is a six-year-old girl with an imagination big enough to create an entire island! She is sweet and charming but rough and tumble in equal measure. She lives an idyllic and organic existence with her Dad in their beach hut, where the sand dunes and sea provide the perfect backdrop for her remarkable imagination.

    Her pockets are normally full of shells, her hair full of sand and her boots covered in seaweed. Lily’s life in her Driftwood Bay community is one characterised by love, enthusiasm and almost constant fun!

  • Dad

    Dad can usually be found at his workbench inside the beach hut working away on his latest woodcarving. He is a craftsman who creates beautiful objects from driftwood and every Saturday morning he and Lily go on the van to the market to sell them to buy food.

    When Dad was Lily’s age he was almost exactly like her, making up his own characters and stories on the very same beach, as his father chiseled away at driftwood furniture.

  • Gull

    Gull is Lily’s best friend. He is a seagull who always accompanies Lily on her adventures to Driftwood Bay. Gull doesn’t speak in a recognisable voice but Lily knows him so well she can tell what he’s saying by listening to his squawks. Gull is a fun-loving seabird and is very observant, often pointing things out to Lily before she sees them. He is very loyal and will stick by Lily’s side through thick and thin.

  • Salty

    Salty Dog is a jolly old sea dog and Driftwood Bay’s resident sea captain. His boat, Delilah, is Lily’s transportation to Driftwood Bay at the start of each episode. Aside from his time at sea, Salty’s greatest pleasure is spending time with Lily showing her things and telling her everything he knows.

    Like any true Sea Dog, Salty has music in his veins. He’s a fine squeezebox player and will serenade any happy occasion with a jolly sea shanty!

  • Nonna

    Nonna Dog is Salty’s sister and the kindly grandmother to the whole of Driftwood Bay. Nonna runs the Cockle Café where everyone comes for tasty treats served with a generous helping of her wisdom and maternal comfort. She can make anyone feel better with a cup of tea, biscuit and a hug. As soft as Nonna is, when she wants to be, she can out-stubborn a mule. Especially when it comes to baking matters.

  • Hatsie

    Hatsie Hen is the local delivery and rescue hen, she’s the hen of many hats! She races around the island on her multi-purpose Clickety Clackety train with a carriage for every eventuality. Hatsie is fun loving but straight talking. She tells it like it is and doesn’t suffer fools easily.

  • Wee Rabbit

    Wee Rabbit is a quiet soul who lives a simple life high up in her own tree house. She expresses herself with her art and is the go-to person on Driftwood Bay for an artistic endeavor. Whether it’s handmade medals for sports day or a new flag for Salty’s boat Wee Rabbit is always at the ready with her paints and crayons.

  • Bull

    Bull is a lively, physical, boisterous eleven year old who charges head-first into things without thinking. He will often get carried away in the moment and, being a bull, can easily cause havoc. He doesn’t ever realise his own strength or the size of his rump. Endlessly enthusiastic, naïve and lovable, Bull is willing to be led by the horns by Lily into any fun situation.

  • Lord Stag

    Lord Stag lives in the ruins of his castle, high up in the centre of the island and he loves to throw parties and lavish events! Stag is very competitive, particularly with Salty, with whom he has a long-standing rivalry. Like a true refined gent Stag knows a lot about certain things, especially ‘interesting things’. In fact Stag often throws “Interesting Things” shows at his castle.

  • Puffin

    Puffin is Salty’s lazy apprentice seabird at the Shiphouse Store. Puffin is from the wrong side of the tracks and operates as a bit of an opportunist mischief-maker. He can pop up across the island at a moment’s notice if he thinks there’s a treat in it for him.

Lily's Driftwood Bay

Driftwood Bay is a special island that exists in the imagination of Lily, who creates a world of adventure and friendship from different treasures she finds washed up on the beach.

Lily lives on an island with her Dad in a little hut on the beach. Across the way is Driftwood Bay – the other island that Lily can see from her window, and it is here that the characters that she has created in her imagination come to life. Every day the sea washes up a new treasure which sparks Lily’s imagination about what might be happening on Driftwood Bay. And so, accompanied by her best friend Gull, the clever seagull, an adventure begins as they go ‘across the way to Driftwood Bay’.

Go ahead and play Lily's Driftwood Bay games, watch Lily's Driftwood Bay clips and create with Lily's Driftwood Bay.

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