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  • Ben Elf

    Ben is a young elf and is Holly's very best friend. He has a happy-go-lucky nature and only gets a bit fed up if Holly uses her fairy magic to give herself an advantage when they are playing games. Ben lives with his family and all the other elves in the Great Elf Tree.

  • Princess Holly

    Holly is a young fairy princess who is still learning how to do magic properly, so her spells often don't work out quite right. Holly lives with her daddy, mummy and little twin sisters in the Little Castle, which stands right in the centre of the Little Kingdom.

  • Gaston the Ladybird

    Gaston the Ladybird is an extra special friend of Ben and Holly's. He is very much like a dog – he barks, pants when happy and loves fetching little sticks. Being a ladybird, he has wings just like Holly's so he often gives Ben a lift on his back. Gaston loves eating very smelly food and he lives in an extremely untidy cave.

  • Nanny Plum

    Nanny Plum is Holly, Daisy and Poppy's fairy maid and teacher. Being a grown-up fairy, Nanny is very good at flying and magic. But sometimes even Nanny Plum's spells don’t work out quite as she expected.

  • The Wise Old Elf

    The Wise Old Elf is wise, old and an elf. He is the elf children's teacher. The Wise Old Elf is also in charge of the wonderful Elf Factory, which is situated deep down in the roots of the Great Elf Tree. The Wise Old Elf strongly disapproves of magic of any kind.

  • King and Queen Thistle

    King and Queen Thistle have a lot of important work to do, running the Little Kingdom and doing this and that. As well as being the Little Kingdom's rulers, they are Holly, Daisy and Poppy's daddy and mummy, so they have to do everyday things like shopping, bathing the children, putting them to bed and reading them stories.

  • Daisy and Poppy

    Daisy and Poppy are Holly's baby twin sisters. They are not very good at all at either flying or magic, but that doesn't stop them trying. They can sometimes be a bit naughty, and having the combined qualities of being little children and magical fairies often leads them into trouble...

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Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is a ten minute animation series for pre-school children set in a tiny land of elves, fairies, small animals and insects. These characters are so small that to them flowers and blades of grass seem like mighty trees.

Each episode combines situations that will be familiar to small children (including playing games, snowy days, holidays, birthdays, bathtime) with the magical elements that are part of everyday life for fairies and elves.

The stories revolve around the daily lives of Holly, a tiny five-year-old fairy princess and her best friend Ben, an elf of the same age. Because Holly is a young fairy she is still learning how to do magic properly and her spells often don’t work out quite as planned. She also has quite a bit to learn about flying and mostly flutters close to the ground.

Ben is a young elf. Elves can’t do magic and they don’t have wings. But elves are very brave, can run fast and are very good at making things – especially toys. Ben is extremely proud of being elf.

Go ahead and play Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom games, watch Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom clips and create with Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom.

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