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  • Max

    Max is a three-and-a-half-year old bundle of bunny energy. He is physically fearless, cheerful, enthusiastic and stubborn. His will of iron is sometimes a source of frustration to his big sister Ruby. Max doesn’t talk a lot or go to school yet, but that doesn’t stop him from turning the tables on Ruby and cheerfully getting his way.

  • Ruby

    Ruby is a seven-year-old bunny. She is very smart and extremely organized. She is a second-grader who loves being in charge and believes she is the perfect bunny to help her little brother Max grow up right. She may be bossy, but she’s patient and she adores her brother.

  • Louise

    Louise is Ruby's best friend and classmate, and part of Bunny Scouts. She's 7 years old and sits right next to Ruby at school. Louise is very close to Ruby in almost every way. They both try to do their best, but they're not competitive with each other. If one excels at something, or has something the other does not, she's only too happy to share.

  • Grandma

    Grandma lives next door to Max and Ruby and is totally devoted to both of them. Grandma is full of surprises. No matter what the kids are into, Grandma is able to relate to them on their terms. Although Max never doubts that Grandma will understand just what he needs and when.

Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby is an animated series based on the clever and colourful books by internationally acclaimed children’s author and illustrator, Rosemary Wells. Max & Ruby follows the hilarious, entertaining and mischievous adventures of bunny siblings, Max, and his older sister, Ruby. Max and Ruby never, ever, want quite the same thing and their plans always collide - with hilarious results. This animated series teaches preschoolers to get along while remaining true to themselves.

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