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Win with Olive the Ostrich

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  • Olive

    Olive is an ostrich. She lives in the outback with her family. She has an amazing imagination. So while the rest of her family are running, pecking, laying eggs and doing other Ostrichy things, Olive can be found imagining herself going on amazing adventures when she buries her head down, down into the sand...Until she pops up somewhere new, anywhere she can imagine. Wherever Olive's imagination takes her there's always things to do and problems to solve, friends to make and adventures to be had.

  • Olive's Little Brother

    Olive's little brother Ottis needs plenty of food as a growing ostrich, and roots are his absolute favourite snack. Olive tells him about all sorts of food from her magical adventures, but he can't imagine anything better than digging a big messy, dusty hole and eating sweet juicy roots!

    Ottis loves his big sister's stories, and hopes that he will be able to go on adventures of his own!

  • Olive's Mum

    Olive's Mum lays prize winning eggs, big eggs, small eggs the brightest most highly decorated eggs in the whole of the outback.

    Mrs. Ostrich loves Olive, but wishes that she work harder at laying eggs, and spend less time imagining exciting adventures, she does however enjoy Olive's stories, her favourites are stories about plants, bugs and animals.

  • Olive's Dad

    Olive's Dad is the fastest runner in the whole of the outback, he runs all day everyday and is trying to train up Ottis to be the next champion.

    Mr. Ostich wishes Olive was a faster or even interested in running, but loves the fact his daughter is such a quirky little ostrich, and loves her stories, especially ones that are about things that move very quickly, like horse racing or race cars.