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  • Pocoyo

    Pocoyo translates from Spanish as 'little me'. Pocoyo is a curious, fun-loving, friendly little boy who's always into something new. Whether he's on a quest with his friends in outer space or just cleaning up his building blocks, every day is an adventure.

  • Elly

    A graceful, playful, pink elephant, Elly is as gentle and loving as she is big. She can be a bit of a know-it-all once in a while; she's a lot like the big sister who claims to have all the answers (even when she doesn't, which makes for humorous results).

  • Pato

    Pocoyo's good friend Pato is the kind of duck who likes things 'just so'. He's very cautious - in fact, you might say he was a little too uptight for his own good. But, for all his caution and planning, things never seem to turn our the way he wants them to.

  • Loula

    Pocoyo's pet puppy is always ready to play, even when other people aren't. She is Pocoyo's companion, whenever he wants one. She makes Pocoyo giggle. Unlike the other animal characters, Loula is strictly a dog. She adores Pocoyo without question, and the feeling is mutual.

  • Sleepy Bird

    The name says it all. This bird is very, very sleepy. Thought it sometimes appears that gumpy Sleepy Bird only wakes up to turn off her alarm clock, Pocoyo can usually get her up and moving, as well as laughing and playing.


Pocoyo is an animated series targeted at 3-6 year olds. The series provides an entertaining and dynamic way to learn as we follow the amusing adventures of Pocoyo and his inseparable friends. All of the episodes boast a simple central storyline as Pocoyo and his friends encounter new adventures and learn valuable lessons. These lessons focus on values like friendship, respect and companionship. Pocoyo’s curiosity, Pato’s silliness and Elly’s maturity are always present and children accompany the characters as they learn new words.

To reinforce the educational aspects of the series, all of the episodes include segments emphasising the words that have appeared throughout the story and the items from the story like colours, animals and shapes. These segments integrate seamlessly with the storyline in fun and dynamic ways. At the end of each episode, a musical clip serves as a review of the most important words from that episode. These fun songs highlight different musical genres like rock, opera, country, electronica, funk and everything in between.

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