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  • Poppy Cat

    Poppy Cat is a capable, endearing, and determined six year-old ginger tabby cat. She's an adventurer, a dreamer, and a devoted friend. Poppy Cat's heroic gusto and unquenchable curiosity propel each adventure for her and her friends, often leading to unexpected experiences and discoveries. She is highly conscious of those around her and will go to the ends of the Earth to solve a problem. Poppy Cat loves adventure, but her top priority is always her friends, which is why she is the unspoken leader of her little gang. She's the glue that holds them all together.

  • Zuzu

    Zuzu the dog is a six year-old kinetic ball of pure energy. If it has wheels, Zuzu will fall off it; if it floats, he will sink with it. Even though his falls, tumbles and spills are extreme and dramatic, Zuzu always laughs them off. To him, falling is every bit as thrilling as the ride. It's that same spirit that makes him a great friend to have on an adventure…not to mention a liability. Zuzu is competitive, loud, and practically fearless. He's impulsive and cool, quick to laugh at a joke, impatient when it comes to manners and protocol, and a good sport most of the time.

  • Mo

    This fastidious five and a half year old mouse is an overly cautious, tightly wound ball of nervous energy. If it weren't for Poppy Cat, who can inspire and instill confidence in anyone, Mo would never leave the safety of Poppy's backyard. Every day, Mo is invariably squashed, stretched, or squeezed by a speeding Zuzu, completely by accident. The little mouse looks up to Zuzu like a big brother and envies his bravery. Mo has many collections, which include special keys, shells, or photos. He loves cheese, trinkets, and getting safely to the ground once airborne. Mo is very proud of his museum on the Moon.

  • Alma

    Alma is a charming, melodramatic, and excitable rabbit. She often arrives at Poppy's breathless and worked up about a situation, though in the face of danger, she can be quite blithe, to Mo's chagrin. Alma, who fancies herself quite a singer, often coaxes her best buddy Mo to sing a duet. Mo has an unspoken little crush on Alma and worries about her a bit. The chatty rabbit is a loyal, affectionate friend who loves jewelry, the color pink, and picnics. She treasures a special seashell that Mo gave her to hear the ocean.

  • Owl

    A hat-wearing adult of indeterminate age, considers himself an expert on almost everything, knowledge that he has gleaned from books or his travels. Though he has traveled far from his comfortable house, Owl's directions are usually comically convoluted. Owl may complain about Zuzu's inadvertent path of destruction, but he has a soft spot for each of his friends. He's especially supportive of the timid Mo, and like everyone, has great respect for Poppy Cat. Owl likes the finer things in life: a soft coconut-leaf nest, a cup of hot chocolate, and a quick nap whenever he can catch one. It's no secret that he likes to perform.

  • Egbert

    Egbert is a stout and adenoidal six year-old badger who is desperate to be part of the group, although only by his rules. But rather than accept their invitation to play, Egbert always has 'top secret stuff' to go to on his way... but he always meets the group again, in their adventure. There, he will insert himself into their journey, costumed as a ridiculous antagonist of his own invention. Depending upon their location, Egbert may fancy himself to be a pirate, troll, or sea monster. His nerdy, eccentric energy elicits groans from everyone but Poppy. Egbert pretends to not know 'this Egbert', and always stays in character.