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  • Oona

    A smart, plucky and fun-loving little puffin, Oona is the star of the show and you can see her swimming, flying, burrowing and hopping all over the island. She’s a brilliant big sister and is usually accompanied on her adventures by her little brother, Baba. Just like a pre-schooler, she is learning about the world and every day is a new adventure.

  • Baba

    Baba is Oona’s baby brother and he can be a little clumsy and is easily distracted. He’s amazed by everything from a bouncy dandelion head, ‘a fluffy!’, to his reflection in a stream. He’s not yet able to fly and often needs a helping hand. Baba is adorably cute and everyone is sure to fall in love with him.

  • Mossy

    A pygmy shrew and Oona’s best friend, Mossy lives life at a million miles an hour. Despite being small, he is utterly fearless and always on the hunt for food, food, food. Mossy brings comedy to any situation and is fiercely loyal to Oona and very protective of Baba. He turns up everywhere, and he can travel all over the island. He lives in the tree stump in the undergrowth with the acrobatic Shrew Crew.

  • May

    May is a very energetic rabbit with a competitive streak. She’s always up for a race with Oona and doesn’t like to lose. Oona is in awe of May’s running and jumping skills but May wishes she could fly, like Oona. May’s burrow is in the meadow, which is close enough for the occasional sleepover.

  • Silky

    Silky is a playful seal-pup and Oona’s companion for underwater adventures. Silky is less dynamic than Oona and more of a follower, than a leader. She’s sensitive, slightly mollycoddled, and clumsy on land, but swims with incredible grace and speed underwater. Silky lives in the Lagoon with her mama.

  • Otto

    Otto lives in the tree stump with his little sister, Pip, and little brother, Pop. Being an owl, Otto has very impressive flying skills at night, but tends to be asleep or sleepy and a little confused during the day. He loves to join Oona on adventures and he’s always happy to share his flying tips with her.

  • Mama and Papa

    Just like real puffins, Mama and Papa are dedicated parents who spend their time finding food for their pufflings and taking gentle care of them. They’re keen to encourage independence and resilience but they’re always around at the end of the day for a cosy snuggle in the burrow. Oona really looks up to her parents, who are expert puffins.

Puffin Rock

Puffin Rock is a pre-school animated TV show for 2–5-year-olds set on a beautiful island off the coast of Ireland. Nature and wildlife are central to the stories and visual style of the show, giving it a unique look and feel. The main characters are Oona and Baba, a cute sister and brother puffling pair, whose daily adventures encourage learning and reflect pre-school challenges. They have a close group of friends who all help them in and out of trouble on a daily basis. Friendship and family relationships are core to Puffin Rock.

You can create pictures of your favourite Puffin Rock characters and watch Puffin Rock videos all here on the Nick Jr. Puffin Rock showpage.

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