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  • Milli

    Six-year-old Milli is Team Umizoomi's pattern and measurement expert. She's an imaginative preschool fashionista with an eye for design--especially when it comes to patterns! Milli has a magical dress that has the power to find patterns, fix broken patterns, and even create new ones out of thin air! But that's not all that makes Milli so amazing. Her ponytails can grow to become a ruler, a thermometer, or even a scale! She's the maths super-hero with lots of style!

  • Geo

    Milli's brother, Geo, is Team Umizoomi's shape expert and master builder. He can take simple shapes from his Shape Belt and create just about anything. With a few rectangles, triangles, and ovals, Geo can build a mighty train engine, a powerful bulldozer, or even a space shuttle! With his Super Skates, Geo's got his own built-in set of wheels. He ZOOMS everywhere and is never shy about showing off his latest skate trick. He's a ball of energy who's always on the go!

  • Bot

    Equipped with all kinds of amazing gadgets and gizmos, Bot is everybody's best robot friend. He's a mechanical marvel who loves to sing and dance. He's the loveable funny bone of Team Umizoomi, but don't let his slapstick antics fool you. Behind his Belly Screen lies a super robot computer! No matter what the challenge facing Team Umizoomi, Bot can always look up the info they need. Want to know how the Umi City water system works? Need to find out how many stairs are in the tallest building in town? Well, Bot's your robot!

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Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi is an animated live-action series on Nick Jr. It's located in the centre of a wonderfully urban environment, where the streets are paved with origami, the sidewalks are swirled with colour, and even the manhole covers have whimsical patterns embedded within. Team Umizoomi is made up of Milli, Geo, and Bot, who solve everyday problems with their Mighty Maths Powers in order to keep Umi City running smoothly.

Your preschooler will join these mini and mighty superheroes as their "Umifriend" to solve any and every problem. By demonstrating how maths is everywhere and how it's integral to our daily lives, Team Umizoomi engages preschoolers, enhances their interest in, excitement for, and enjoyment of maths.

Join in with the fun and watch Team Umizoomi clips, play Team Umizoomi games and create with Team Umizoomi.

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