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  • Zack

    7 year old Zack is the dynamic, adventurous, kind-hearted leader of the group. He is also a POP-UP WHIZZ, which is lucky as his garden is jam-packed with the most amazing pop-ups ever! Zack is constantly finding surprising and creative ways to solve any problem and making the biggest adventures possible!

  • Quack

    Quack is Zack’s best friend and trusted side-kick. Full of boundless energy, Quack can't wait to be with Zack and to see what's going to happen when they're together! He’s always very curious and fascinated by the pop-up world. He never knows what’s going to happen and that’s all part of the fun – he loves to be surprised!

  • Kira

    Kira is Zack & Quack’s friend who lives next door. She’s 8 years old and the neighbourhood’s ‘paper fixer’ – she loves paper and all the beautiful things you can make and do with it. Folding, cutting, taping, colouring, gluing, painting and recycling! She joins Zack & Quack on each and every adventure.

  • Belly Up

    Belly Up is a loveable bullfrog who is an expert at absolutely everything… at least he thinks he is! In fact, he’s really just an endless reserve of silly facts!

  • Fluffy

    Fluffy is the wide-eyed young hedgehog and the voice of caution. Sensitive and sweet, he may have prickly spines on the outside, but he's extremely soft on the inside.

  • Hop & Skip

    Skip and Hop are a pair of acrobatic squirrel sisters. They work in perfect harmony when they're leaping and flying through the trees - but on the ground, these funny, headstrong sisters are anything but in sync.

Zack & Quack

Zack & Quack follows the adventures of a dynamic and adventurous boy named Zack and his best friend, an impulsive young duck called Quack. They live inside the most amazing pop-up book ever! It’s a place full of fantastical surprises – where pulling pop-ups makes exciting and unexpected things happen. From the second they step into their garden the adventure begins. Exciting new worlds and fantastic voyages quite literally unfold before your eyes.

Create with Zack & Quack, watch Zack & Quack clips and play Zack & Quack games all here on the Zack & Quack showpage.

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