X1,2,3 Colour! Mili, Bot, and Geo!

In this special video watch Team Umizoomi come to life in 1,2,3 Colour! Milli, Bot, and Geo.

XBot Crafty Creatures

Bot from Umizoomi comes to life with simple items found at home and a bit of imagination!

XMilli Candy Art

Milli from Team Umizoomi looks good enough to eat in this pixel art made entirely out of sweets!

XTeam Umizoomi Theme Song

Sing Along to the Team Umizoomi theme song..

XBot Crafty Creatures
XTeam Umizoomi Umi Knights

Watch Geo,Milli and Bot help their dragon friend return to the princesses castle in this clip from Team Umizoomi!

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