Nick Jr. Videos

XOutdoor Adventures

Watch this clip from the series Peppa Pig to get some ideas for your very own outdoor adventures! Could you plant seeds like Grandpa Pig? Or go bird watching like Peppa and her family?

XApple Fools Day

It's apple fools day and Digby has some tricks up his sleeve for the other Applecross Wood residents. But they soon get him back, in this clip from the series Digby Dragon.

XPups Save the Carnival

Adventure Bay are hosting a carnival, but it's not long before Mayor Humdinger and the Kitten Catastrophe Crew try and spoil it! See if they succeed in this clip from the series PAW Patrol.

XRusty's Big Top Trouble

In this clip from the series Rusty Rivets, Rusty and Ruby come across a stationary circus train and with the help of Botosaur, they get it on the move again!

XThe Letter H!

Learn all about the words begin with the letter 'H'! With the help from characters from the series, PAW Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, Puffin Rock and Peppa Pig find out more!