Nick Jr. Videos


Watch as the big block floats through space and even makes a big block alien friend, in this space themed Big Block Sing Song!

Big Block Sing Song: Space
XPups Save A Satellite

In this clip from the series, PAW Patrol, the pups come to the rescue as a crashing satellite threatens to ruin the screening of their favourite TV show!

PAW Patrol: Pups Save A Satellite
XOnto the Rainbow

In this clip from the series Kiva Can Do!, Kiva and Saul decide to make Nanni a new umbrella. The umbrella then whisks them through the sky and they eventually land on a rainbow!

Kiva Can Do: Onto the Rainbow
XPlanet Bong

In this clip from the series Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, an alien from planet Bong comes to visit!

Little Kingdom: Planet Bong
XPups Save a Space Toy

When Marshall finds a toy on the beach, it is up to the PAW Patrol to head into space and return it to its owner.

PAW Patrol: Pups Save a Space Toy