Nick Jr. Videos

XTow Truck Team

In this clip from the series Blaze and the Monster Machines, we see Blaze transform into a tow truck monster machine! Along with his friends AJ and Gabby, they make up the tow truck team and work together to rescue other monster machines, including Stripes!

Blaze: Tow Truck Team
XOn My Stars

In this clip from the series Kiva Can Do! Kiva, Saul and Angus visit outer space on a quest to find a black hole.

Kiva Can Do: On My Stars
XHey Diddle Diddle

Sing along to Nick Jr.'s 'Hey Diddle Diddle' nursery rhyme, featuring Shimmer and Shine and Nahal as the cat with the fiddle!

Nursery Rhymes: Hey Diddle Diddle
XDigger World

In this clip from the series, Peppa Pig, Peppa and George go on a day out to digger world!

Peppa Pig: Digger World
XMeet Clod

Meet Clod, Sir Garrett's noble steed and best friend! Clod is a complete foodie and loves eating chocolate chip pancakes, watch him in action in this clip based on the series Nella the Princess Knight.

Nella: Meet Clod
XRusty and the Mechanical Animal

Modified, Customised, Rubified! Ruby shows us what a great inventor she is in this clip from the series Rusty Rivets, where she builds zookeeper Anna a mechanical pet!