XCake Bake

Wally and friends sing and rap their way through baking one thousand cakes for Bobgoblin. Find out if they make enough in this clip from Wallykazam!

Wallykazam: Cake Bake
XHalloween Colouring Page

Wallykazam needs some creepy colouring in! Use the Nick Jr. tool to make your spooky mark in Halloween colours.

Age: 2-6

Wallykazam: Halloween Colouring Page
XCaptain Animal

In this clip from the series, Wallykazam, Wally turns Doug into Captain Animal, the gang gets to show off their superhero capabilities!

Wallykazam: Captain Animal
XAct like your Hat

In this clip from the series, Wallykazam, Wally and his friends use magic to enchant a set of hats. However Bobgoblin turns into a pirate and steals the treats from the party! Can Wally and the gang get the treasure back?

Wallykazam: Act like your Hat
XWallykazam! Theme Tune

Sing Along to the Wallykazam! theme tune.

Wallykazam! Theme Tune
XWallykazam! Letter W Tracing Page

Print off and trace over the dotted lines to write the letter 'W'.

Age: 2-4

Wallykazam! Letter W Tracing Page
XWallykazam! Picnic Time Song

Sing Along with Wally's Picnic Time song! There's a lot to do for Gina's surprise - will Wally and Norville get everything ready in time? Find out in this clip from Wallykazam!