XChicken Expedition

In this clip from the series, Wallykazam, Wally and his friends go in search of a rare chicken creature that is particualrly hard to find.

Wallykazam: Chicken Expedition
XTed The Bed

In this clip from the series Wallykazam! Wally and his friends are playing a game of hide and seek, way past their bedtime!

Wallykazam!: Ted The Bed
XMeet Bobgoblin!

Meet Bobgoblin, the mischievous goblin who loves eating rotten food and getting up to tricks. Find out all about him in this video based on the series, Wallykazam!.

Wallykazam: Meet Bobgoblin!
XMeet Norville!

Meet Norville, the dragon from the series Wallykazam! Norville loves jumping in muddy puddles, playing with his favourite toy, and being rather silly, but he's always there for best friend Wally when he needs him.

Wallykazam: Meet Norville!
XMeet Wally!

Meet Wally Trollman! Wally lives with his mum and dad under a bridge and his best friend is Norville. Find out more about Wally and his magic stick in this video based on the series, Wallykazam!.

Wallykazam: Meet Wally!
XAbout the Show

Learn about the series, Wallykazam! with this video. Wally Trollman helps you learn your alphabet then the words take him and friends Gina Giant, Norville, Bobogoblin and co on exciting adventures.

Wallykazam: About the Show
XWallykazam! Picnic Time Song

Sing Along with Wally's Picnic Time song! There's a lot to do for Gina's surprise - will Wally and Norville get everything ready in time? Find out in this clip from Wallykazam!

Wallykazam! Videos